Division of Education Online Directory

Ministerial Development/School of Ministry

2492 Keith Street
P.O. Box 2430
Cleveland, TN 37311
Fax: 423-478-7012
Email: info@ministerialtraining.org
Website: www.ministerialtraining.org

David Ramírez, D.Min., Liaison and Director
Michael L. Baker, Ed.D., Chancellor
Robin Cole, B.S., Executive Assistant
Donald G. Bennett, D.Min., U.S.A. Coordinator
Dwain Pyeatt, Ph.D., International Coordinator
Daniel Vassell, D.Min., Mobilize Coordinator

Nellie Keasling, B.A., Editorial Coordinator
Connie Mercer, CIMS Registrar
Lonna Gattenby, Graphic Designer/Bookkeeper
Isaac Gongora, B.S., Senior Secretary to USA and International Coordinators
Brett Deaton, B.S., Media Coordinator
Jennifer Vassell, M.S., Receptionist/Administrative Assistant to Mobilize Coordinator
Matt Webb, B.S., Inventory and Shipping Assistant


While it has placed high value on education from its earliest days, the Church of God also recognizes that many God-called men and women do not have the opportunity to attend college or seminary. In order to serve those individuals, the Church of God Division of Education established the School of Ministry, a nontraditional educational initiative which offers a college-level course of study leading to the Certificate In Ministerial Studies (CIMS).

The vision of the Church of God is to have a ministerial training program that is like a “seamless robe” which covers the needs of all applicants in a manner that prepares them to be “lifelong learners.” This vision was amplified at the 2014 International General Assembly when the church adopted the following amendment to its Commitments to Our Mission and Vision.

We commit ourselves to education as a vital part of all phases of the Spirit-filled Christian life. Education is to be nurtured by the church: locally in rural areas, towns, and cities; regionally in countries, states, and geographical regions; internationally in every country with a Church of God presence; and globally on every continent of the world. We will demonstrate our commitment by . . .

  • Developing and fostering means of self-education with access to educational resources.
  • Recognizing local-church institutions which provide education in church and/or school formats.
  • Affirming in public places those who minister in education.
  • Sponsoring educational institutions of higher learning to equip laity, ministers, institutions, and ministries.
  • Providing curriculum and materials which affirm the doctrines, practices, mission, vision, and commitments of the Church of God.

In order to ensure the highest level of academic excellence and practical application for ministry in today’s context, the Division of Education commissioned eighty experienced teachers, preachers, and administrators who were academically and practically qualified (sixty-six with doctorate degrees) to compose and video-record 400 lectures for CIMS. The program now is used to train ministers in several different languages around the world. The contributing faculty members are list on the following page.