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Art Rhodes, Chair
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Michael Reynolds
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Wayne Flora
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Fidencio Burgueño
Derwood Perkins

International Institutions and Training Programs

In the many countries where the Church of God has a presence, it has been observed that ministerial effectiveness may be measured in direct proportion to the availability of training. If education is neglected, evangelism and church growth languish.

The church has attempted to institute residential and extension programs of training in each country—multiple institutions in some more mature fields—and, in addition, to establish advanced schools in each of the five geographic regions into which the church outside the United States is organized administratively.

Among the outstanding schools are the following:

Seminario Ministerial Sudamericano, Ecuador
Seminario Bíblico Pentecostal de Centro América, Guatemala Seminario Bíblico Mexicano, México
Universidad Teológica del Caribe, Puerto Rico
Bethel Bible College, Jamaica
Séminarie Théologique de l’Eglise de Dieu en Haiti European Theological Seminary, Germany
Institutul Teologic Penticostal, Romania
Eurasian Theological Seminary, Russia
Full Gospel Church of God College, South Africa
Discipleship College, Kenya
Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries, Philippines
Mount Zion Bible College, India
Bethel Theological Seminary, Indonesia

Additional schools are continuing to advance toward the Level III and Level IV certifications levels. Some 116 schools presently serve more than 25,000 students in programs of ministerial preparation.