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Distinguished Educators

The Church of God with International Offices in Cleveland, Tennessee, operates in 181 countries around the world. Since 1976, the Church of God has bestowed the Distinguished Educators Award to recipients who have made a unique contribution to education in the Church of God somewhere in the world. The award is presented biennially at the Church of God Educators Seminar during the denomination’s International General Assembly.

In 1996, the General Board of Education expanded the award to two recipients. One award represents a faculty educator and the other award is designated as a leadership administration award.

The recipients of these awards are selected from a list of nominees submitted by church officials, national and territorial leaders from around the world, faculty, and administration from all educational institutions internationally, missionary educators, and ministerial development board members internationally.

Special appreciation is expressed from the General Board of Education to Dr. H. Lynn Stone for his coordination of the nomination and selection process and to the panel of judges who choose the recipients.