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Denominational Certification of Institutions

Level IV
Graduate Degree-Granting Institution

A graduate degree-granting institution is a college, seminary, or university, offering postgraduate degrees. If an institution hosts a graduate program from another institution, this alone does not meet the criteria for a Level IV certification.

When an institution offers a master’s degree program, it may be certified only when 100 percent of the resident faculty members teaching at the master’s level have appropriate academic credentials.

Level III
Degree-Granting Institution

A degree-granting institution is one which offers college-level programs of study leading to a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent. This normally requires 120 semester credits with a general education core and a major area of study or its equivalent in the context of each respective institution.

Level II
Bible Institute

A Bible Institute offers postsecondary or college-level education and training to individuals preparing for Christian ministry. The education focuses on extensive biblical knowledge, combined with a training emphasis on practical application. The institute functions under the auspices of the denomination upon recommendation of the Division of Education.

Level I
Christian Service School

A Christian Service School is an institution designed to offer basic Christian service training to ministers and laity. The school may function in a local church under the guidance of the pastor or one whom he appoints.